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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Book Launches Galore!

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Oops, I didn't realise I haven't used my blog since April until recently. That just means I must have been busy doing some interesting things (and I have - can't say much yet!), and I must have lots to tell you (and I do!). This post is about all the book launches Ive attended recently.

I love going to book launches. Celebrating the birth of a new book so kids have even more variety for their reading choices is a wonderful thing. Knowing the author and/or the illustrator and how hard they've worked just gives even more reasons to celebrate.

Launch 1: Renee Price and Anil Tortop - Digby and the Yodelayhee ... Who?
Saturday, 4th March at Wallsend Library

Renee's launch was full of singing, music, craft, food, fun and laughter as she launched her second picture book, the mate to her first, Digby's Moon.


Launch 2: Anthony Wood and Lorraine Robertson - Dancing Charli
Tuesday, 11th April at Belmont Library

This launch was in the school holidays so lots of kids were available to dance around and pretend to be parrots. Craft and cake finished off a lovely morning perfectly. I have lots of photos but they just won't load onto my blog. 
(I've been trying for about two hours - so I've given up - sorry Ant!)

Launch 3: Jess Black - Little Paws series
Saturday, 22nd April at Ground Up Espresso Cafe at Carrington

Jess launched her new series, 'Little Paws' in April. Unfortunately the soccer draw didn't allow me to attend this one but I heard it was an amazing event with real puppies. Congratulations, Jess!

Click here for more information about how the series came to be on Jess Black's blog.

Launch 4: Deb Kelly and Gwynne Jones - Chalk Rainbow
Saturday, 1st July at Wallsend Library

Deb Kelly and Gwynne Jones launched their first book together on my daughter's birthday. In between soccer games and birthday celebrations, I managed to slip into this launch and help them party.

Launch 5: Lynn Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan - Ollie's Treasure
Friday, 21st July at Wallsend Library

A Friday evening launch was perfect for this event. Family and friends came to celebrate Ollie's Treasure after a long day/week at work and school.

Lots of food, wine and mindfullness activities were shared just before the kids enjoyed Lynn's public reading of this beautiful book for the first time. Then the kids were launched into the library for a real treasure hunt using their senses.

Congratulations to my talented friends!

Launch 6: Jess Black - The Keeper of the Crystals Series - Book 5 and 6
Saturday, 5th August at Wallsend Library

Congratulations on the launch of book 5 and 6, Jess! 
These books are wonderful if you have a child who loves reading fantasy mixed with some environmental issues. Book 7 and 8 are in the planning stages.


There were more launches I couldn't attend would you believe. But it's hard trying to keep up with everything. These events always give a great opportunity to catch up with writing and illustrating friends whom I don't see very often due to the nature of creating in solitude. 

I look forward to more upcoming book launches in my area. Yes, more are around the corner.

Happy reading, creating, illustrating and dreaming x

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