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Friday 7 October 2016

Spring Time! - Scone, Muswellbrook and Singleton Public Library Visits

It was a delight to celebrate Spring with some of the most energetic and fun-loving kids in the 
Upper Hunter Valley these school holidays.

Kirrili Lonergan and I visited Muswellbrook, Scone and Singleton Library from 5-7 October to share our book, Dandelions, and to sing, dance, laugh, tell stories, and create wonderful dandelion crafty pieces with the local children.

We started each session singing and dancing to one of my favourite dandelion songs 
by Demi Mays to get everyone in the mood.

Then we jumped into our story sharing. 


Kirrili then wowed everyone with her talent by showing the original 
illustrations from our book. I just love original illustrations!

Then we moved into a simple drawing workshop. Kirrili showed how the different parts of the dandelion plant can be drawn. She also gave a demonstration of how kids can draw happy and sad faces. The eyebrows tell a lot about how a character is feeling. She had children from the age of 3 drawing like superstars.


To finish, we celebrated with a couple of craft activities. Some of these activities included 
3D flowers, 3D puffballs, and 2D collaging. We even used real dandelion seeds.






A few lucky children got to take home their very own copy of our book 
and a hunger for dandelion hunting. We hope they found lots!

It was a lovely surprise to have some local media attention in Scone, my home town. I'll share the link to the story on my Facebook page when it's available.

Thank you to Scone, Muswellbrook and Singleton Libraries (Sharyn, Lee, Dion and Angelina) for hosting us and thank you to everyone who came along to help us celebrate reading, books and this lovely time of year.

Many beautiful moments will be remembered about this set of visits but one that stood out involved a dad arriving with his four daughters. He supported his daughters during the reading of the story and the drawing and craft activities. Then he bought a copy of our book for them to share. 
I have no words ... (except 'go him!')

Happy Spring everyone!

Kirrili and I will be returning to Scone library on Friday, 4th November as part of the 
school program during the upcoming Scone Literary Festival.

Our book is still available for sale if you haven't managed to grab yourself a copy. 
It's available through any good bookstore and online bookseller.

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