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Saturday 13 August 2016

Hooray for National Bookshop Day - Saturday, 13th August

Happy National Bookshop Day!

MacLean's Booksellers, Hamilton
Happy days to our wonderful bookshops! They support readers, writers, illustrators, publishers, schools, local communities, festivals and conferences in so many ways. Without their support, our book industry would not be able to offer the range of high quality books we have in this country. We are truly blessed!

Here in Newcastle, our community came together to support our local independent bookshop, MacLean's Booksellers in Hamilton.

Together we read stories, learnt some illustration techniques, launched books and ate a tremendous amount of lollies, chocolate and cake. The perfect kind of party!

Gavin McCormack, Kirrili Lonergan, Katrina McKelvey, Deborah Kelly
Gavin McCormack shared his new picture book, 'Are These Your Glasses?'- a tale of exclusion, isolation, determination and love. The kids then made clever magnetic penguin bookmarks.


After reading our story, Kirrili challenged the kids to draw some illustrations for possible new pages in our book, 'Dandelions'. They had fun drawing twisting dandelion seeds and gerberas.

Deborah Kelly launched her second book in the 'Ruby Wishfingers' series called, 'Toad-ally Magic!'. Cupcakes, chocolate frogs and toad bookmark craft kept the kids busy while others lined up to get their new book signed.

Thank you to Max, Amanda and all the staff at MacLean's Booksellers in Hamilton for asking us to help them celebrate all things books and bookshops today. We love supporting you as much as you support us. 

We hope everyone visited their local bookshop today and shared the love of bookshops around. Happy National Bookshop Day!

A Dandy Toad!
Thank you for my beautiful flowers MacLean's!

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