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Tuesday 3 November 2015

'Dandelions' Book Launch

Kirrili and I launched our picture book, 'Dandelions' with excitement and pride in the Lovatt Gallery of the Newcastle Region Library last Saturday, 31st October.

We decorated the gallery with yellow flowers (ironically, the yellow flowers weren't dandelions), illustration prints, dandelion photos, our new banner, and balloons posing as dandelion puff balls.


As part of the formalities, Kirrili and I wanted to share a little bit about our personal journeys and the journey of 'Dandelions'. We talked about how we'd travelled anywhere and everywhere from Melbourne and Brisbane to attend festivals, workshops and conferences over the last four years. We shared how our local networks and new friends were the scaffolding we needed when it was time to celebrate (like at a launch!) or be counselled. We shared our love for our families and friends who have supported us tirelessly along the way. Yes, tears flowed but they were happy tears filled with relief and pride.

Kirrili then explained how she designed our main character. Coincidently, Kirrili had been inspired to draw a little girl after observing little Poppy at a school assembly only weeks before she was asked to illustrate 'Dandelions'. 

Then I read 'Dandelions' accompanied by a slideshow of the illustrations so everyone could feel involved. You could hear a pin drop as I lived my dream of reading this story (the one that used to live on my computer and in my head) with a room full of real people, adults and children alike. 

We absolutely loved signing our book for the special people in our lives. It was a great chance to hear heartwarming feedback and engage with everyone who had come to be with us. We had family and extended family come from as far away as Sydney and Scone. We absolutely loved sharing this event with old friends and new, friends and staff from our children's schools, and with our publisher from EK Books. We felt so blessed and humbled by all this support.


While we were signing books, the kids engaged in craft activities inspired by the dandelion plant. My children and I had picked over 1000 seed heads weeks earlier for a collage activity. Kirrili and her mum hand-dyed 1000s of earbuds for the 3D puff ball activity. 

We had many family and friends contribute food such as slices and caramel popcorn to morning tea. Kirrili and I also supplied quite a few mimi cupcakes with an icing dandelion puff ball adorning the top. (We just ran out of time to make them ourselves - it's called outsourcing!)


Thanks to all the extra helpers such as our photographers, assistants, Janet our MC, Poppy's family, library staff, cooks, ballon suppliers, friends and family who helped make this event a truly memorable and deeply special one. Kirrili and I will never forget the launching of out first picture book collaboration. 

We have a special bond with Amanda and Max from MacLean's Booksellers and Julie and Carol from Newcastle Region Libraries. Kirrili and I spent many hours planning our launch with all these wonderful people in between our overseas and interstate trips. We could not have executed such an event without their professional and personal support.

We are so proud to say our creation, thanks to EK Books, is now in the hands of children across the world. We have had so many beautiful reviews sharing how families are engaging more with the outdoors and each other, and conveying how children in classrooms are loving the activities their teachers and librarians are providing - all thanks to OUR book. It's very overwhelming!

To quote Izzy, Tilly and Lara, our beautiful daughters, 

'We would like to declare 'Dandelions' officially launched.'


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement! 'Dandelions' is beautiful. It was so lovely to be at the launch to help you celebrate. xxx

    1. So glad you were there! Thank you for taking photos for us so we have precious memories of our day. You have been such a wonderful support. What would I do without you?