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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Book Launch: 'Jam for Nana' by Deborah Kelly and Lisa Stewart

Author Deborah Kelly launched her beautiful new picture book ‘Jam for Nana’ at Belmont Library on Saturday morning, 29th March.

More than 100 grandparents, parents, librarians, family members and book lovers came to celebrate a beautiful story about pancakes, jam, and family.

Deborah spoke about how her Nana had to leave Hungary because of war and how her Nana loved to make and eat real apricot jam.  Deborah recalled how her Nana taught her to spread jam on a pancake using the back of a spoon before sprinkling it with icing sugar. The pancake was then rolled before eating.

Deborah read ‘Jam for Nana’ aloud to the children. You couldn’t hear a sound because the children were captured by the story.

Belmont library created a display of the original illustrations by ‘Jam for Nana’ illustrator, Lisa Stewart. Her intricate drawings and collaging were very interesting to examine up close.

After Deborah read her story, she invited the children, big and small, to come and spread homemade apricot jam onto homemade pancakes using the back of a spoon. Icing sugar accompanied these delicious treats. I’m sure most people couldn’t eat just one! There was not a pancake left.

I loved how Deborah used the colours of yellow and orange from apricots and sunshine to decorate the room.

Licking sticky fingers and eating jam and sugar made for lots of fun, but I’m sure the library staff were quietly hoping the children didn’t touch every book on the shelves that bordered the space.

Well done, Deb! You have worked so hard to present a beautiful story that has come from the heart. As a person who spent a lot of my childhood at my grandmother’s house, I can relate to home cooked sweet treats made with love. You have given a story to the world that is warm and special. I’m sure there will be lots of grandparents who will read this book to their grandchildren at bedtime. I’m guessing the grandchildren will ask for pancakes and jam for breakfast when they wake up!

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  1. Beautiful post Katrina-thanks for your lovely kind words :) Deborah